Mask mandates were lifted in Ontario on March 21.  Exactly two weeks later my teenage daughter tested positive for Covid after having done everything right for two years.  My second daughter tested positive on Tuesday.  Both felt like they were “hit by a train”, one said she thought she was going to die, and they both had had two inoculations. One missed a camping trip she had been planning with her class and one missed culminating activities in Math and English.

I, with three shots, started getting a scratchy throat Wednesday afternoon, couldn’t sleep all night and by 9 a.m. I had a fever and headache and sore throat akin to when I had strep throat and scarlet fever in the past.

Today, Saturday, I thought I was feeling better after about 15 hours of sleep, but within an hour I changed my mind. Now my husband has it too even though we have been sleeping in separate rooms, masking and taking all the other precautions.

COVID, even Omicron, is not a joke. Vaccines lessen the severity of the disease and I still feel like the worst strep throat I have ever had.  I don’t have it in my chest, thank god. I worry for my one child who has had pneumonia in the past. 

Please wear a MASK!  Don’t GO OUT if you are feeling sick.  Imagine if your grandma or grandpa felt sick like I do right now.  You don’t want this, you don’t want anyone with immunodeficiency to get this.

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