Five Ws and an H. Who, what, where, when, why and how are the building blocks of any story. I don’t know when I first grasped this but I think it may have been in 5th grade when some of us “gifted” kids were given an enrichment project to create a school newspaper. The notion stuck and now I hope this page becomes my story.

Who? Me, Michelle, Mom, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Friend and Granddaughter.

What? A place to make a portfolio of all my writing and other media, starting with news and moving to fiction as I get going.

Where? Right here in beautiful Napanee Ontario.

When? On Monday morning, April 26, 2021, I was binned along with 100s of others by a Canadian media conglomerate without so much as a bat of an eye to us peons. By 6 pm I had miraculously been invited to join a local independant news organization fighting the good fight against the big guys.

Why? The lesson of the 8 hours I was unemployed was that I was not prepared. I needed a portfolio.

How? I am beginning to collect my work here, starting with my favourite stories from the big conglomerate and hopefully moving on to showcase more of my work.

I hope you enjoy your visit.

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